Wednesday, May 23, 2007

No I didn't...

I actually stuck to my guns and did NOT watch American Idol last night! I think I was one of about 15 people in the country that didn't hahaha! I did pass it long enough to see Blake doing his remix of the Bon Jovi song but only watched about 5 seconds of it. Never saw Jordin. I have to admit I was sitting on my hands at times to keep from turning it, but thank goodness I had me some HGTV to watch! LOVE that channel!

Ya'll have to let me know what you thought and what your predictions are. Either one is good but they're NO Melinda Doolittle! hahaha


Nicki said...

You are so funny!! Thank you for the encouraging devotion you left for me today, It was MUCH needed!!!

Leigh Gray said...

well, do you know yet - it was a girl who won, I won't give it totally away - it really was not even a contest. and get this - she hardly shed a tear. you know she cried all "year" when others would leave, but when she won she didn't even cry. thought it was interesting... until next year!!!

hee hee - love you!