Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Ok ya'll. I confess I was an American Idol junkie but after tonight I am SOOOOOOOO done! Are you kidding me? The absolute BEST singer, hands down, no question, no contest, voted off?

Oh well, I guess God knows the battle her faith would have if she was given the title American IDOL! Not a title I think she would want when she stands before Him.

All I can say is, as a singer with just a SMIDGEN of talent, she does things that are well...AMAZING and I pray the Lord blesses her in ways that knocks the socks off all those people who voted her out!

All I know is this, when I get to heaven I wanna be HER backup singer for Jesus!!! WAHHHOOOOOO Melinda Doolittle!!!!!


Lucy said...

I just got finished watching. You have expressed my sentiments exactly. My pick last year was Mandisa.....I guess you already know that Mandisa was on Beth Moore's praise team before she went on Idol. I don't think we've seen the last of Melanie Doolittle.

Valarie said...

Girl you know I love some Mandisa! I have the LPL team CD for the year after she left and Travis Cottrell put a "Congratulations Mandisa, we miss you" comment in the thanks section! Cool!!

Anyway, Melinda is AWESOME and God must have some SERIOUS plans for her!!! Can't wait to see what they are!!

pinkmommy said...

Amen to that!!! My thoughts exactly!

Good point about having the title of "Idol". Never thoght about that one.

I will definatley run out and buy her CD as soon as it comes out!