Monday, April 30, 2007

God is in the details...

More and more in my life I am realizing just how detail oriented God really is. I really learned about this several years ago the first time I did Beth Moore's tabernacle study but I am seeing it more and more clearly in my own life.

God working out details of my husbands job, details for my kids, details at church, just all the details that affect my life. I love how He's given me "kingdom" goggles to see my life in His light. It sure has released me from a HEAVY load! He's just so awesome that way!!

After having a pretty tough week I planned to have a great weekend with my man and my kids. Sat. my man and I worked and I hurt my back. BUMMER! It stinks getting old! Yet, I'm gonna flip on my kingdom goggles and watch Him work out this little detail as well! My back hurts, I can't do much around the house, I can't do my job, but I'm gonna keep on praisin' Him! He's worthy ya'll! You just gotta love Him! Hope you can do the same! IT'S LIBERATING!!!