Saturday, April 7, 2007

He is RISEN!

Tomorrow is such a special day for those of us who believe. It's not about the family dinners (YUM) or the new clothes (though they're FUN) or about the gifts (which I'm not sure how we got sucked into that anyway) or about the program at church (though it's going to be great) or even about the death of our Lord! No, it's not about the agony He suffered on our behalf - though we can't disregard that in any shape, form or fashion! Tomorrow, though, is about an EMPTY GRAVE! It's about a stone that was rolled away and women seeking "the Living among the dead" and finding Him RISEN!!!

I heard that the Iranian president released the British hostages as a gift and gesture of good will in honor of "Allah" - however you spell it - and in celebration of the passing of Christ. Boy, did he miss the point COMPLETELY!!! This holiday isn't about the passing of Christ - though we couldn't celebrate the rest without it - but about his RESURRECTION!! As you prepare for your Easter Sunday morning I pray that you will stop and do a little resurrection dance for Jesus! Dance uninhibited sisters! Celebrate Him! He rejoices over you with singing (Zeph 3:17) so let's do some rejoicing for Him as well! After all, it's the least we can do, don't ya think?!

"Christ the Lord is risen today, Alleluia!"