Wednesday, April 18, 2007

All things work together...

Lord as more and more details emerge about this shooting in Va, there are so many things I don't understand. I thank you that during the times in my life when I felt my only way out was to end my life that You were there reminding me there was another way. That YOU were the only way! Thank you for protecting me from myself! I never had the desire to hurt another person but I knew the desperation and emptiness of just wanting to end it all yet at the same time I knew there was an answer. I knew YOU were the answer.

Right now Lord I lift those who are desperate. Those who are lonely. Those who are looking for someone or something to blame for their circumstances. Lord show them that You are their ONLY hope for any type of peace, any type of stability, any type of sanity! I pray that you will move across this country - as well as others - and begin to pour out your Holy Spirit like never before. Revive this nation to love You and obey You. In fact, revive this world! We need it Lord! Make YOU what we're desperate for!!! More than water, more than food, more than houses or land or anything else - JUST YOU!!

I love you so much Father and I thank you for the Divine Special Effects You have already painted into my life and I praise you for the plans You have for the ones that are coming! You are the Blessed Artist of my life and I just can't wait to see the Masterpiece you make of me! May ALL I say and ALL I do bring glory and honor to You and You alone! In the only name worthy of it all, the name of Jesus, I ask these things. Amen...