Monday, April 9, 2007

El Berakhah

The one who gives blessings for my benefit! WOW!

God is so good to me! I mean, really! To ME! All of my life has been surrounded by Him, His Word, His people, His love and so often I didn't even know it, much less see it and appreciate it! God in Heaven how sorry I am for the times when you had a blessing for me but I was too wrapped up in my self to know the difference. Thank you for loving me in spite of that!

Ya'll God just totally cracks me up sometimes. I think He cracks Himself up too! We know what a sense of humor He has - after all He is JOY! When I started blogging I didn't think anyone but Leigh would be reading this and I did it so she could help keep me accountable! Now God has given me so many blessings thru this silly thing! He's brought such precious people to this blog - like Lucy and Kim - that it just blows my mind. I know it's not because I have anything exceptionally profound to share but what I have is a passion for the Lord and a passion to encourage other women (and who knows - maybe even a man or two as well haha) to long for a deeper walk, a drink from the well of Living Water where we'll NEVER thirst, a relationship so real that you'll just KNOW He's right beside you! That's all this is and yet He has chosen to bless me for it!

He is good and if you don't know that you know that you know Him I beg you to contact me so I can introduce you! He wants YOU! He loves YOU! He longs to bless YOU! He has a mansion FULL of gifts waiting for you!! Don't resist Him - it might seem like the hardest thing you've ever done but I promise after that first step you'll find it's not only the easiest but the BEST gift you've ever received! The ONLY gift that will ever make a difference! Thank you God for the honor of serving You and for sharing my life - as hectic and simple as it is! I love you Lord!