Friday, April 6, 2007

My legacy...

I have an incredible story I wanted to share about the legacy left for me. I've always known my maternal grandparents loved the Lord and were His servants but this story is just too cool not to share! My mother lives in an apartment building for senior citizens and a couple of weeks ago a lady from her building came over to visit. She asked my mom if she had gone to Mt. Calvary as a young girl and my mom said yes. She told her that she had also visited there as a girl in high school and that there was a family that had opened their doors to her and made her feel so welcome every time she visited. She said that the family had given her such a gift during some very difficult years and that though she couldn't remember their names she would NEVER forget their faces. She said, in fact, she had a picture of the couple and hoped that maybe my mom would recognize them since that's where mom grew up. To her amazement, when the woman handed mom the picture it was MY GRANDPARENTS!!! My mom burst into tears and said "Recognize them, that's my parents!" WOW! What a gift from the Lord! He is so good!

Thank you God for giving me such an awesome legacy of faith! You are so good! Thank you for giving that gift to my mom as well! She needed that bit of sunshine in her life! I love you Lord! Help me continue that legacy of loving You, loving others and serving both! Thank you Father!