Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Preparing the soil...

I am by no stretch of the imagination a gardener. In fact, once I bought tomato plants to try and plant but after a week or so forgot to water them and, needless to say, no tomatoes! As I've been watching the season change and LOVING it - Spring is my absolute favorite despite the pollen - the Lord has been speaking to me lately like never before. To be honest, I think it's more like I've actually been paying attention like never before!

Today it's rainy and cool and I was teaching my Kayley the jingle of "April showers bring May flowers" and she said "Oh momma, I just LOVE flowers! Especially roses!" (makes a mom proud! teehee) We talked about how the rainy season makes the ground ready for the long hot summer. What a perfect example of the Lord's work not only on the earth but in our lives! We HAVE to go thru rainy times - even stormy times - to be prepared for the scorching heat of our "summer seasons".

I'm not really sure which season I'm in right now. I would have to say it's been a bit rainy in my life the last few months/years but I feel like there's flowers beginning to bloom! I never lost hope for Spring during my Winter but it's just nice to actually see it happening. God is so good that way! I pray that each of you - regardless of your season of life will know that the Creator of the Universe is busy at work in you. He's preparing the soil of your life either for fresh planting or for harvest or it may even need a little weeding and tilling. (been there!) Just trust Him. Focus on Him. Obey Him and He will give you the desires of your heart. A new house, a new car, a million dollars - DOUBTFUL but when you are seeing your life thru His eyes the desires of your heart won't be those things anyway! Though He may very well bless you with those earthly blessings that won't be the desire of your heart! Trust me on that one! Be prepared my friends. I know the Gardener is at work in me and He wants to work in you too!