Monday, April 16, 2007

One more thing...

At the Living Proof event this weekend we all shared some "PDLAM"'s with each other. It means "Please don't laugh at me" but...then you share some of your quirks. I'm gonna share a few of mine and I'd LOVE to have you share some of yours! This is REALLY fun!

I have to start walking up steps on my right foot. If I start on the left I feel like I'm going to fall over.

I can't go to sleep with dirty feet.

I sometimes count the number of letters in sentences. (45)

When I'm going to be in the bathroom a "while" at home I check the back of my bottles of shampoo or whatever to be sure it has EVERY letter of the alphabet on it. Did you know j is missing from a LOT of bottles? haha

I'm beginning to sound a bit OCD'ish don't you think? Anyone brave enough to share some of theirs? A woman behind me at the event said she can't stand to be the first to put trash in an empty trash can. She'll go all over the house to find one with something in it! FUNNY! My sister said she types while people talk to her. I've seen her do it too! Send me some of yours!!