Monday, April 23, 2007

LOVE out loud!

It's funny as I find myself approaching the big 4-0 how I'm becoming a completely different person! Of course the physical stuff immediately comes to mind. Things are going south that were never meant to be there, my skin is looking well - tired (it's been thru alot!) and is it just me or does it seem to be getting hot quicker? teehee

I have Lupus so it's hard for me to gauge what is just normal stuff because there's not a day that goes by that I'm not in pain somewhere! My hands one day, my feet the next, my hips the day after that, my back, you get the point. NOT a fun disease but let me just tell you that the Lord is faithful to me! It could be SOOOOOOOOOOO much worse!

So, anyway, as I'm finally deciding it's time to grow up I've found new meaning to Ps 46:10 "Be still and know that I am God". You see, being still has never been easy for me. Oh I could SIT still if I needed to but my mouth was usually running - CONSTANTLY! My mom says that when I was a child there was just this constant NOISE in the house. She would stop and realize it was me talking. Talking to the TV, talking to my sisters or brother, talking to my baby dolls, talking to my imaginary friend Jayvee (think gravy), just TALKING. Did I mention constantly?!

Just yesterday my girlfriend told me she wished I had gone to lunch with her family after church because there were some "issues" and then the dreaded tension filled silence. She knew that if I were there I would know how to break that silence. I KNOW she meant it as a compliment - at least I hope she did - but the Lord said to me "Be still".

Then yesterday Dr. Rummage - our associate pastor who rocks by the way - preached about love. About loving others. About loving someone so dearly that even when they break your heart to a thousand pieces you can "love them with all the little pieces". WHOA. What a concept? I think the Lord is trying to tell me I need to start loving people as much as I talk to them! Love them OUT LOUD not just walk away from them thinking "Ya know I just love her!" but TELL THEM!!! After all the events of last week, I can't help but wonder if there would've been ONE person who told that shooter - "You know what, I just love you" if that would've made a difference? Only God knows.

But I have decided to start using this BIG MOUTH He gave me to start actually telling people that I love them. Now, if any of my friends are reading this and thinkin' you're gonna stay away from me, don't worry, I won't embarrass you TOOOO much! haha I've just really started to realize how very much the Lord loves ME, ME of all people! So I'm gonna start sharing that love with everyone! Does that mean the next time you see me I'm gonna be lovin' all over you? Probably not, I mean I'm still a work in progress, but when the Lord reminds me I will tell you!!!

He loves you too, ya know! The Creator of the Universe loves YOU!! Little old cotton pickin' YOU!!!! Does that blow your mind as much as it does mine? So what are you waiting for? Go tell someone! I just did!


Leigh Gray said...

i don't know if i was going to be one of those honored friends that you say i love you too, but i love you first and "love you more" as my kids say!!

Valarie said...

You know if I was gonna be seeing you Leigh I'd give you a GREAT BIG HUG girl! I love you "mostest" (that's Kayley's line)!