Monday, August 6, 2007

Envelope epiphany!

I've had another revelation from God today! Man, He's good! ;-)

I'm doing Jennifer Rothschild's "Fingerprints of God" Bible study - lovin' it! - and we had an activity today that I wanted to share. I'm going to tell you how to do it but you HAVE to do it as well! It's so cool! Remember that it's her idea - NOT MINE!!

You'll need 3 envelopes and a small piece of paper.
Write "God the Father" on one envelope.
Write "Jesus" on the next.
Write your name on the 3rd.
On the small piece of paper draw a rock and write the name "Jesus" inside the rock.

Read John 14:20. The last phrase says "I am in you" so take your rock drawing and put it in the envelope with your name on it and seal it.

Read Eph 1:13 and write the name on your envelope's closure of the One who has sealed you.

Back to John 14:20 which also says that you are in Christ so put your envelope inside the one marked Jesus and seal it. The verse also says "I am in my Father" so put the sealed "Jesus" envelope inside "God the Father"s envelope. You are hidden in your Savior and He is in you and Jesus can never be separated from God!! Is that cool or what? Nice little visual of our security in Christ!

So what's my epiphany you ask? Well, I found some small card envelopes that I had so I grabbed them for this activity. I had some difficulty finding some paper so I grabbed this cute little pad that is colorful and even has a Scripture on it but it wasn't "small". In fact, it was just about the same size as my envelopes. So, I just folded it in half. Not in the directions, but I could make it work.

As I began putting my envelope into the Jesus envelope it was difficult, kinda tricky, but I finally got it in, but it wouldn't seal properly, kinda overstuffed. Then as I tried to cram and stuff Jesus into the Father can imagine. WOULDN'T WORK! This was my epiphany!

Disobedience, yet again!! Did I blatantly disobey? No, I got the things the directions told me to, I wrote what I was supposed to on them, BUT the directions said "SMALL" piece of paper. Was my paper small? NO, but I thought I could just do it my way and it would be fine. OUCH! Isn't that what I do so many times in so many situations? Not total breaking of the rules, just bending here and there to suit my purpose. WOW!

So I redid the activity, following the directions precisely and needless to say, it worked perfectly! Imagine that!

Father forgive me for my disobedience. Thank you for using whatever you need to get my attention. Strengthen me to always follow your directions, not skipping any detail or "tweaking" them to suit myself! Thank you for sending Christ to seal me as your child to give me security in life's storms, to be my rock and my salvation! You are good! I love you Father! Abide in me! In your precious Son's name I pray and ask it...


Lucy said...

Ouch! From the "Queen of Tweaking", herself. You and Leigh are killin' me today!