Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Here I go again.........

Well after talking about how glad I was to be home, don't you know I took off again! My sister in New Bern had shoulder surgery about a month ago and I was planning to come over to hang out with her - and hit the beach - while she was recovering. I was certain our little excursion with the van would've cancelled those plans, but my sis wanted me to come so bad that she offered to help with the $$ so the kids and I could come. Really, her house needs a good cleanin' since she can't so of course I think that's the REAL reason! Anyway, God was merciful in our travels and here I am out of town, AGAIN!!!

I really don't mind since this is the ONLY "vacation" we'll get this summer and my kids have been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO patient with all the changes we've gone thru that they deserve a little something special! I ask that you pray for us as we hit the beach tomorrow as there have been 2 shark attacks around this area in the last 2 weeks! (she didn't give me this info til I was already here) Guess we'll be leavin' the boogie boards at the house!! I'll be poppin' on to keep you up on our adventures. I can't wait to hit the sand tomorrow. I always feel so close to the Lord when I'm on the beach. I feel so small and yet so precious to Him when I'm there - like He made that ocean just for me!!! teehee Here's another PDLAM I always cry when I'm on the beach! STOP IT! You're not supposed to be laughing!! ;-)

Ya'll have a good weekend I know I sure will!!


Nicki said...

girl, you just stay gone! =) I hope ya'll have a great time....but God made the ocean for me. =) lol!!