Monday, August 20, 2007


The Lord has given our pastor a vision for our church and he's calling it "Legacy". (visit to find out more) Basically it's calling our church body - as a body - together to pray and fast for 40 days. Praying specifically for God's vision for us personally, for our family, for our church and our nation. I won't tell you everything about it so that you can check it our for yourself but there are some things I want to share about it.

It's already started to affect our worship at our church as well. The last 2 weeks have been AMAZING! The music has sounded better, the prayer time has been sweeter and the clock hasn't been the focus - well, not entirely - baby steps people!! teehee People are becoming more free in our worship and I just can't wait to see how much more the Lord has in store for us as a body!

Sunday night's at church have always been special to me. It makes my big old church feel like a smaller hometown kinda church. LOVE THAT! Dr. Rummage preaches Sun. nights and he's been doing the 10 commandments and child - let me tell you - he's bringin' it EVERY week! That man just steps completely out of the way and let's the Lord do the talkin'!! AWESOME! If you're a "Grover" and not coming on Sun. nights - you need to get there!! It's worth it! Last night after the invitation - we took a few minutes with the music just playing to just end the worship day in prayer. Just silent prayer around the church! FIRST TIME EVER DOING THAT AND IT WAS INCREDIBLE! I could feel the Lord's Presence so strong and I could feel Him suiting us up with His Armor for the battle of the week! AWESOME! He's so good ya'll! I pray that ya'll are in the Word. That ya'll are on your face before the Lord and then givin' up some SERIOUS praise! Don't be scared! Turn on the music and dance before Him! He won't mind a bit!! teehee


Nicki said...

OH YES GIRL!!! God is hearing his people's prayers about this church!! I wasn't in service this sunday.....had those babies in the nursery.....but the week before was awesome!! I can't WAIT until Sunday!! God is GOOD!!!