Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I had a little "accident" while I was at my sister's house and burned my arm with a curling iron. Actually, it was a 2nd degree burn. Long story. I'm a klutz sometimes. Anyway, the skin has finally pulled off and since I've got a little tan there's now a nice patch of "fresh meat" on my forearm. I've been putting medicine on it and now I'm using some aloe to try and protect my skin. I'm sure I'm gonna have a really nasty scar. My mom had severe burns from a grease fire years ago on her hands and arms and now there's some ugly scars there. She's really embarrassed by them.

Isn't this just like our spiritual lives? I have scars. Scars on my soul. Some of the wounds are scabbed over and at times - given the right circumstances - those scabs can come off and those wounds will bleed and bleed. Then God will have to scab those wounds over again. Heal them. However, there are scars on my soul (and the ones on my body) that tell a story. A story of a time of disobedience that the Lord allowed me to suffer an "injury" to remind me the next time. To be able to look at the scar and remember. Just like the scar on my arm. The next time the curling iron is falling to the floor, I'll let it. I won't try to stop it. That's what the scar taught me. That's what the scars in my soul have taught me.

Are they ugly? YES. Are they embarrassing? ABSOLUTELY. But they make me remember. They teach me. Do I wish they weren't there? Of course. But then I wouldn't be able to sit here and tell you of the soothing medicine of the Spirit. How God, in His infinite love for me, saw my injury, allowed the pain, then picked me up, dusted me off, dressed my wounds and healed me. That's what He does. That's growth. That's life in Him. Will there be more scars in my life? Likely so. I'm sure I'll fall again, I'll drop it again. BUT GOD! God will once again heal my soul. It may leave a scar. An ugly thing that is embarrassing and sensitive, but oh the story I can tell! The story of my Abba Father who longs to heal every boo-boo in my life!

I love Him so much! I just can't wait to see the scars He bore for me! To kiss His feet and thank Him for taking my wounds. For bearing my pain. For loving me enough to die in my place! To touch the scars in His hands and thank Him, face to face! Oh what joy!


Profbaugh said...

Oh my goodness, your post really ministered to me. This past week has been one of uncovering scars that I thought had healed and relinquishing control to the Holy Spirit to fully work on the scabbed over wounds. Thanks so much for letting God flow through your post.


Valarie said...

Thanks for stopping by and I just love to hear how the Lord heals us all! It's one of His favorite things to do, I think!