Saturday, August 4, 2007

Here they are!!!

This was a little excursion we took on a ferry! The kids were having a blast and were totally amazed that we could drive our van onto a boat! My middle son kept closing his eyes in all the pictures because I made him take off his sunglasses. My oldest thinks he a rocker/surfer/Aussie and the baby is always happy when it's picture time!

Well are those just the cutest little beach bums you've ever seen or what?! They had an absolute blast and the weather couldn't have been more perfect! God again showing me how much He loves me by letting me be the mom to these GREAT kids and then giving us such an AWESOME weekend! My guys love the beach as much as I do!

Our 2nd day there the lifeguard comes up and calls everyone out of the water for a shark sighting. My middle son says "It's probably just a leopard shark mom and those things are harmless!" Yes, my little Jeff Corwin and Steve Irwin know EVERYTHING there is to know about sharks! haha (our old neighbor gave them those nicknames) After a few hours we went back into the water but I always made sure there was plenty of "bait" for the sharks around us! (other people - haha) God was good and protected us from the creatures of the sea AND from sunburn! ;-)


Leigh Gray said...

Val - I can not get over how big they have gotten. I can barely even recognize Kailey!!! Holy cow.............. incrdible. I have not been gone that long!!

precious, still so precious!!

Love them so and you too!

Lucy said...

The pictures are great!!! They made me miss the beach, though. Do you think that when we get to Heaven God will let us live in beach mansions?

Would it not be incredible to get together with a few more women and do a weekend retreat at Myrtle?!?

Lucy said...

Hallelujah!!!!! I can't believe it!!!!! I was able to comment on your blog without getting an error message!!! Thank you, Jesus!!!