Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Holy Spirit Rain Down!!

Ya'll I just love that song! If you know it, take a sec to sing the chorus! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!!!!!

Ok, now let me tell you what else the Lord's been showing me this week. (and it's only Tuesday!) My sweet friend Bonita gave me some CD's of Jim Cymbala's "Holy Spirit" lessons! Can I just say...WOW!!! That man, that church is anointed by God! WHOA!!! Last night I listened the sermon titled "Walking in the Spirit" and he was speaking from Gal 5:13-18 and my, oh my! There's way too much for me to try and share but some of the highlights were the battle between walking in the flesh and walking in the Spirit. The flesh desires everything CONTRARY to the Spirit's desires. For example, every time the Spirit says stop and pray the flesh says do it later, but what about the laundry, what will people think, etc. We have to ask the Spirit to help us remove our flesh desires not just once but daily or if you're anything like me, HOURLY!!!

He then spoke about Christians who focus on manifestations of the Spirit (or feelings) and how they don't ever develop character in the Spirit. They're always just looking for the "feeling" we get from Him and not the wisdom and change we get in our way of thinking. WHOA! If we follow Jesus we have to keep in step with Him. We can't receive Him into our lives and then go off on our own route. (sorta ties into what I talked about yesterday - doing it my way) If Jesus takes even 2 steps to the right, I wanna take the same 2. If He goes the long way around and I seem to think the shorter distance is straight, I BETTER go the long way with Him!!

He ended the sermon with reminding me that whichever I feed will be the one to grow. If I feed my flesh, it will dominate me but if I DAILY take in His Word it will begin to dominate my life!!! He also reminded us that there are absolutely NO unimportant moments in my life! Every moment in my day God is using me for His glory. Hard to get my brain around that one, especially as I'm sorting laundry, but I'm glorifying my Father by caring for the ones He's blessed me with! Imagine that, dirty socks can glorify God!!!! Love it.

I pray that each of you will stay in the Word. There's so much there. Even if you read the same verse day after day it will be new every morning! Believe me! If you don't believe me, try it for 10 days! Pick a verse, ask the Lord to reveal something new to you thru, read it and see if He provides! He's so AWESOME!


Leigh Gray said...

hey girl - is there a way i can order those cd's..........i so want to hear all that too!!


Valarie said...

I'll find out from Bonita and post it! You'll LOVE them!!