Friday, August 10, 2007

Praise You In This Storm

Isn't it just like the enemy to do his best to bring us crashing back to earth? He's not been happy with how deeply I've been in the Word this week so he's doing his best to rattle me. I've got news for him, however, "greater is He that is in me then he that is in this world"! My Jesus has already defeated him and I am His child and I will not go quietly!

I praise you Father right here in the middle of this storm that the enemy is using! You are my life! You are my joy and my salvation! Thank you for your sheltering arms and for your protection! Strengthen me and mend my broken heart Lord! I love you!! I praise you!! YOU ARE GOOD AND YOUR MERCIES ENDURE FOREVER!!! PRAISE YOU FATHER!!!


HERE in ALABAMA... said...

Hi Valarie,
I still love that song & message. I sang it many, many times afer i moved away from charlotte & still remember it when i am here wondering (again) WHAT AM I DOING???!! It is neat how God inspires songs that will speak specifically to so many individuals in such different situations. For me, the phrase "you are who you are, no matter WHERE i am" is so meaningful.
ANYWAY, keeping you in prayer, I am glad you have this little blog so I can "lurk" & laugh & learn.
Have a good weekend,
Heather B.
OH - would you mind emailing me your home address?? No problem if no. I think my email address should be here somewhere attached to my name(maybe?)