Wednesday, August 1, 2007

FINALLY home!!

We were finally able to make it home last night!! Praise God! He's so good to me! If he hadn't provided Jimmy with this AWESOME job and my van had broken down at any other time there's no way we could've gotten it fixed without borrowing from friends/family to get it done (which stinks!) so we were able to get all the repairs we needed and pay for them ourselves. Even if it did take all my school clothes money! ;-) Oh well, I can't wait to share how God provides for that too!!

Like I said my time in WV was quite an emotional roller coaster - as it usually is - but I got to go with my sister and get my niece registered for college and get her books and do all that fun stuff. It was fun for me because I wasn't the one paying! hahaha It did give me a slight taste of what I'll be facing all too soon, however! SCARY!!

So, I'm glad to be home - can't WAIT to go to church tonight and I'm already doing my laundry this morning so I can take my babies to the pool this afternoon! They deserve it after that ride yesterday! Ya'll have a good one and take some time to look for God's fingerprints thru your day! He's there. Just look around!!


Nicki said...

YAY!! I was praying for you last night after I read your blog entry......God is so good and He is so faithful to come through! I say that to myself right now....whew. Well, maybe I'll see ya tonight! I plan on coming to that choir thingy in August, I can't wait to get up there and sing my soul to Jesus! =) Have a great day!!

Valarie said...

YEAH!!! I'll see ya there! There's nothing better then praisin' him with a joyful noise and believe me that's what I make --- NOISE!! haha Have a good one!

Kim said...

Glad you are back at home and postin' again. Don't worry about the BTS clothes - it is too hot right now to even think about jeans and tennis shoes. Doesn't the weather seem to be the hottest whenever we return to school?

Lucy said...

Hey, girl!!! Something is still going on with my blog, but it's looking like I'm going to be able to comment on yours.....Hooray!!!!
I'm glad you made it home safely and it was really good to get to talk to you for a little while this afternoon. Don't worry about the school clothes money. God always makes a way.

Love you, girl!