Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Are you trustworthy?

I was reading about Caleb and how the Lord found him trustworthy and it really got me thinking. I've had issues with trust in my life. Some pits I jumped into with both feet, some pits I was slung into by the hair of my head and some I gradually slid into caused me to come out not trusting people. Then the Lord puts me with a man whose 1st wife had an affair so he obviously had developed some trust issues as well.

I imagine that Caleb had a rough life. The book we're doing as a church "Divine Encounters in the Old Testament" has been truly amazing and this story of Caleb really got me thinking. Caleb's name meant dog. Now in our society today people don't really put much stock in the meaning of a name - it's mostly for sentimental value. But in Caleb's day - now that was a different story. I imagine people throwing dog biscuits at him (or whatever scraps of food they had), people barking at him, telling him to get the idea. Sidebar - what in the world were his parents thinking? It's as bad as the guy in WV when I was growing up named Hogjaw Twaddle! For real! It was listed in the phone book that way!! hahahaha

Ok, back to Caleb. Despite his past God found him to be a whole-hearted servant. Trustworthy. I wonder, does God say the same of me? Does He look at me and say "Now there's one I know I can trust with this?" I know there've been times in my life when He wouldn't even consider it, but thank you Jesus, I'm not that person anymore!! Not to say I still don't fall flat on my face - OFTEN - but I know He's finding me (at least a little) trustworthy. Mainly that's because I've been in the place where there was no one and no thing left to trust but Him! Where everywhere I looked there were lies, deceit and fakeness! (is that a word? Guess not the spellcheck says so but I like it!) I've been driven to the point that all I could do was say "God, I do not understand this, I don't like it and I'm quite angry about it, BUT I trust You! I trust Your hand and Your will so I will follow."

Have you been to that place? Are you there now? Let me just tell you that He is the ONLY thing you can trust and He is the ONLY One trustworthy!!! He can take 2 messed up people like Jimmy and I - 2 people who trust others as much as we can pick them up and throw them and make us love and trust each other COMPLETELY! With our whole hearts!!! THAT is the Hand of God!! That's what He wants for all of us!! Won't you trust Him with it?!


marina said...

val, come on over to my blog I have an award for you!! marina

Nicki said...

Well, I should really tease you about being from WV but I won't......=) but that was a seriously crazy name for a boy!!

Trust is hard thing for me.....I've been let down so many times by other's I have deeply trusted, so this is an "issue" for me. So this was a great reminder for me!!

I'm praying for you momma. I hope things are peaceful today for you and your family.....I imagine things are very hard with it all. I love you! Great post today!!