Thursday, January 10, 2008

Lighten up....

Ok, so after yesterday's blog I thought I'd lighten things up a bit today! Sorry about getting so fired up, but that's who I am! hahaha

Some of you may remember that I jumped off the bridge of faith and landed in the role of leading a Bible study for the ladies of our music ministry. Well, it's happening and we've had 19 women sign up so far!!! That's AMAZING!! I thought it would just be me and my girlfriends that I MADE come! hahahahaha I'm telling you that God is gonna have to empower me like He never has before because....well I'm just not gonna allow Satan to remind me of what I'm NOT and I'm just gonna trust what God IS and what God CAN DO in any old donkey! (I mean, if He can make a stubborn donkey talk, come on...) All I ask is that you be in prayer for our study. It's God's study and it's God's agenda NOT MINE!!!

It's just like God to have me studying Moses in the "Divine Encounters" book and then to have Solomon all around me at the same time. I can feel Him telling me that it doesn't matter if I STINK at being a speaker or it doesn't matter what my past was. All that matters is that I'm seeking His wisdom, that all I want is to know Him more and HE will handle the rest. I can see that promise with this study! I doubted that people would want to come. I doubted that we'd find a leader. I doubted that I would be that leader. Sin, sin, sin. So I spent some time on my face we are. It's funny because the old Valarie would be freakin' COMPLETELY out over this. But God (woohooo) has been sending me such AMAZING love notes to reassure me that I can do all things thru Christ who gives me strength! If I will get out of His way, well, I'd better hold on tight!!

So that's what I'm doing. I'm holding on, I'm trusting Him, I'm leaning on HIS understanding and knowing that HE will make my path straight! Listen to these lines from my God Calling yesterday "Do you not see that I am a Master Instrument-maker? Have I not fashioned each part? Do I now know just what it can bear without a strain? Would I, the maker or so delicate an instrument, ask of it anything that could destroy or strain?" LAND SAKES!! Don't you just love our God?! I know I sure do!! Ya'll have a great day and I'll talk to ya tomorrow!! Show some love today!!!


Leigh Gray said...

don't ever ever never ever apologize for being deeply excited and pumped out what the Lord has done in your heart. you shout it out and let us have the privilege of hearing it!!! I'm loving it!!


Valarie said...

Sometimes I got to reel this "Bapti-costal" girl in Leigh! hahahahah Thanks though.

marina said...

Thanks for stoping by Val yes I love God's sense of humor the phone rang I said hello and she said "Hi these is Paula White and then she went on "and I new it was a recording but that just mad me laugh b/c I know God was just saying its going to be alright yes you have had a hard year but I am hear The God of New Begnnings!!and I am happy for your bible study and I will keep it in prayer ,blessing marina
PS. keep me posted on that wisdom book I may want to buy it!

Shonda said...

Praise God for all the women wanting to learn the Word. I'm praying for your study. God is so good to encourage us when we need it. I love the quote. Thanks for sharing. I think I need that devotional. Marina told me how it blessed her today.

Blessings in Christ--

Lucy said...

When does the study start? I've got a hunch that we are going to be hearing about some amazing things throughout this study. Love you, girlfriend!