Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Life is hard, but God is good!!

I love that old Kim Hill song and the lyrics are SO true!! Sometimes we're just sailing along and WHAM-O! we're hit with something we never saw coming and other times we can see it coming from a mile away but there's not one single thing we can do to stop it! This is where I find myself today.

My mom was taken from her Dr. appointment yesterday to the ER - by ambulance. The Dr. was so concerned with her blood pressure that she wouldn't allow my sister to drive mom there. (It was 231/112!!) Without going into all the details, mom is now in the ICU where they're trying to stabilize her pressure and get her oxygen levels where they need to be. Mom's had a lot of medical problems over the years - my friend Terry, a nurse, said "Girl, your mom's a medical nightmare!" which she is. Like I said I've seen this coming for some time so now, here we are.

It's tough being 4 hours away. It's tough not being able to talk to the Dr.'s myself and rely on someone else to get information to me. (given my medical background I'm a "need to know" kinda girl when this kinda stuff comes up) It's tough to not worry and be afraid. It's tough to not be able to look at mom, pat her hand and tell her things are gonna be ok. It's tough. But I trust God more than I trust ANY Dr. I trust God more than I trust my sister - and I'd trust her with my life. I trust God more than anything! I know that He'll guide the Dr.'s and give them wisdom - I know He'll give my mom peace and comfort and keep her from being lonely and afraid - and I know that He'll sustain me during this time - because I asked Him to. See, my God has been so faithful to me in my life that I KNOW He'll take care of all of this. My only request is that you'll join me is asking Him to do the same!!

I'll try to keep you updated! Thanks.


Shonda said...

I'm with you in asking.

Dear Heavenly Father, In the precious name of Your Son Jesus, I ask You take care of these situation with Val's mother. I petition You Lord for her healing and protection. I ask You to give the doctor's wisdom to make the decisions that will bring her healing. I ask You Lord to pour Your peace that passes all understanding over Val and her family. I ask You sustain Val and her family through this Lord. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Blessings in Christ--

Lucy said...

You know I'm still praying. In fact, I prayed for all of you tonight at church. He is in control.

I love you!!!

PS - It's snowing here = )

Leigh Gray said...

yo don't even have to ask!!

love you!!!

we got snow too!!! i just runed and looked outside and poof - it is here!! yeah!