Monday, January 7, 2008


"Children, don't drag your feet in this! God has chosen you to take your place before him to serve in conducting and leading worship—this is your life work; make sure you do it and do it well." 2 Chron 29:11 (The Message)

LAND SAKES! What an awesome day of worship yesterday! THE WHOLE DAY was just one of those that made me go to bed with a smile on my face!! Dr. Rummage's sermon yesterday - whew! just about blew me away (I'll share more on that later) - my Sunday school class was great - we had breakfast! hahaha - the worship time was sweeter than it had been in a while - sometimes Christmas music gets a bit "old" after 4 or 5 weeks - and then last night we had a deacon ordination. I don't know what your theology is, but deacon and pastor ordinations are just about the sweetest thing ever. Last night there were 3 men from my Sunday school class ordained, one of which was my best friend Antonia's husband Steve. Antonia took the pics you saw of my family! They have been thru a LOT and let me just tell you that his ordination is a testimony to the fact that God is faithful to heal and restore the time of the locusts! It's just so sweet to see my pastor on his knees before these men praying for and encouraging them. Good stuff!

So anyway, during our choir practice, Dr. Doug, our music minister shares the above verse with us. Not exactly that version, but the verse. It hit me like a ton of bricks!! The first line "Children, don't drag your feet in this!" It's time to get busy! The Word just comes right out and tell us not to drag our feet! WHOA! I mean, how often are we asked to do something and say "Well, let me pray about it" which sometime means, I don't really want to do this, but maybe if I stall long enough they'll ask someone else. Come on, let's get real. You KNOW that's really what you've wanted to say but didn't have the courage - I know I have!! After the sermon yesterday and then this verse last night I know God was telling me to get busy! Now, I know I am busy, but I just wonder how effective I am with the time God gives me. Am I making an impact on eternity? How often do I take shortcuts, cut corners so I can have a few "down" moments? Now, don't go there, I KNOW there's a time to rest, but still....I think you know where I'm going here.

I want more than anything to be an effective servant. To do EXACTLY what the Lord wants me to do and there's no way to know EXACTLY what that is if I'm not busy on my face and in the Word seeking it! Which leads to Dr. Rummage's sermon yesterday. I won't share the WHOLE thing cause you can go to our site and listen for yourself, but it was about wisdom. What it is and how to get it. Here were 4 tips he shared on how to get wise.
1. Don't assume you know it all. (OUCH! Ok, that could've been the whole message for me!)
2. Listen to Godly instruction. (From people you KNOW are Godly, not just have the title of it.)
3. Choose wise people for your closest friends.
4. Pursue a relationship with Jesus. (How can you be like someone you don't know?)
To gain wisdom, to know where we are to serve, to know if we're supposed to take that job, to know if that guy we just met is the ONE, to know what to do with our aging parents, to know what to do with our kids who won't listen, to know what to do with our life it's time to get busy! It's time to stop dragging our feet and get with it!!

Since this post is getting a bit long I'm gonna spend a day or two more on this verse! LOVE it!!!!


Leigh Gray said...

oh - that is really good. what scripture idd rummage use?

love, leigh

Nicki said...

That was an amazing and I mean AMAZING sermon yesterday.......he got right to my soul!! I loved that verse too that Crawley shared last night.....although I wasn't there, it's perfect!

Melissa said...

It was such a sweet time last night. I love to see our pastors get down on their knees and talk eye to eye with those men. It is just precious to see their wives standing behind them and everyone praying as they are before the Lord commiting to serve.

And girl! The Lord is calling us to get busy!! I love that Dr. Doug challenged us the way that he did and that he is leading us in worship by doing it himself. In spite of all his family is going through he is determined to be there to worship and serve. It is such a testimony and another reminder that I have NO reason to ever complain!!
God is so good. I can't imagine my life without His presence!

Valarie said...

Rummage was all over Proverbs. He started with 4:5-9. He's been on FIRE lately and I just love it!!!

Denise C said...

Oh wow! Powerful words and boy do they point directly at me! I know I sure needed that reminder today of what matters most! I am, oh so guilty, of "putting things off" and of not being as busy as I should be for our Lord! Thank you for sharing!

I am so glad you visited my blog! I am thrilled to meet a new friend in the Lord! You are precious and your family is absolutely beautiful!

I want you to know that I commit, right, now to faithfully lift your family and your sweet Mom to the Lord, each time He brings you to my thoughts! Bless your heart.

Many sweet blessings to you my new friend!

HeatherMichelle said...

sounds like sunday was a great day at the Grove. hate that i left just in time to miss it. :-(
great post - i appreciate that you take the time to share here!
anyway, i still intend to email you - i just have not gotten there yet. (hmmm, dragging my feet maybe?? ;-)) I will get it together in the next couple days though! k. happy week,

Valarie said...

Hey Heather. Look forward to hearing from you!!

Sarah said...

What an encouraging message! You are such an inspiring person, Val. Thanks for speaking out what God is speaking to you.