Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I can't believe how fast 2007 went. It seems to have been a total blur! So many changes in 2007. Most of which occurred inside but some were outside too. Some I was happy to see change - like my new do - but some, not so much - like my weight. YUK! I can tell you that the changes on the inside have been amazing to see though! So much to be thankful for.

Last night I rang in the new year in a place, that to those who have known me for a long time, would be QUITE a shocker!! It was a very low-key new year starting with a LONG bath around 5:00pm - which was nice little treat - while my little ones took a mandatory nap! They went kicking and screaming but were all snoring sweetly in minutes. (Is snoring sweetly an oxymoron?) haha Anyway, after dinner we got the kids in their PJ's and went over to my friend Lisa's. We joined 3 other couples - all decked in our PJ's as well - and we watched movies until about 11:00. Then the adults all loaded up, drove down to our church and rang in the new year on our faces in the prayer room!! We began praying by about 11:30pm and finally wound things down at 1:20am!!! It was an AMAZING time! None of us stopped to kiss our spouse as Midnight came, none of us stopped to wish the others a happy new year, we all just stayed on our faces praising God, praying for our marriages, our families, our church, our city, our nation, our leaders and whatever else the Lord laid on our hearts. It was the most amazing new year I think I've ever had!!

I talked yesterday about not making resolutions that I know I won't keep in the coming weeks and I intend to hold to that, however, there are a few things I'd like to actively work at changing. First, is loving God more! Falling deeper and deeper into His Word and crawling up in His lap every morning! Spending more and more time on my knees. Second, loving my man more and showing him more respect EVERY day! Third, loving my kids more and releasing MY expectations for their future and remembering that God has the ultimate plan for their lives - not me! (Don't think that means I'm not gonna give them a beat down when they need it though! haha JK!) Fourth is loving my family and friends more and releasing them from meeting needs in me that they can't possibly meet. (That goes for Jimmy and my kids too!) Last, I am gonna lose weight! Not because I want to look great or feel better about myself, but because my body is the temple of God and I have not been treating it with the respect it deserves. Overeating is sin. Laziness is sin. I will watch what I eat and I will exercise!! SIMPLE!!

So, as we face the coming weeks I pray to share more with you about how God is working in me and showing me how to love Him more, how to serve Him more and how to love those around me more! I MIGHT keep you posted on the weight thing too! hahaha Love and blessings to each of you in the coming year and I pray that each of you will dive deep into the well of the Word, the bread of Life, the hope and promise of the future!! I pray that you'll spend time with Him everyday and communicate with Him OFTEN during your day!! I know I'm certainly going to!


Leigh Gray said...

I am with oyu on all those resolutions!!! Keep me accountable!! Started with a morning jog today!! it feels so good to be done!!

Love you my friend. Oh how i wish i could have been there for the new year ring in!!! how awesome.

love, Leigh