Tuesday, January 29, 2008


My computer is broken, my heart has been broken, my spirit has been broken. Broken. Such an ugly word. Thoughts that come with things that are broken usually are ugly as well.

However, God the Father, the Great Restorer, the Great Healer, has put the pieces of my heart, the pieces of my spirit and soon the pieces of my computer (haha) back together!! I'm in the library now because I've been anxious to share with you so many things, but I'll be back up and running on Thursday!! PRAISE GOD!!

My mom ended up suffering "multiple" strokes (in the words of the Dr) all over her brain. She has been moved to a rehab facility and God has been so faithful to answer your prayers. Her life was spared because of them. Her gross (major) motor skills were spared. Her speech is slurred and she has difficulty swallowing as well as her fine motor skills (the ability to use a fork, pen, etc) have been affected but the Dr.'s believe with rehab she should be able to return to a mostly independent life. God is good!!!

My heart was broken when I had to leave her to come back to NC. My daughter heart was torn, but my momma heart broke into a million pieces! Watching my babies tell her goodbye not sure of the future, watching them cry for miles down the road - well, you can just imagine. God filled my van with His love and compassion for us and we just turned on the praise music and sang our little hearts out!!!

I only have a few minutes left on this computer but I wanted to thank each of you for taking my family and I to the Father's throne and I pray that He will reward each of you with showers and showers of blessing!! I'll be back in a few days and I have missed you all terribly!!! Thank you again for your prayers and thoughts! You were heard!!

Leigh - I'll be in touch soon! I miss you girl!
Nicki - THANK YOU SO MUCH for the sweet card! I'll blog more about the retreat later!! God was faithful on the mountain!
Heather - I'm praying for you and I'll be in touch as soon as my computer's back on!
Tracy - Girl, hang in there - God has a plan for that sweet baby girl of yours!!! Lay her at His feet!!
Love to each of you and I'll be back soon!!
God is good all the time and all the time God is good!!!!!